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Thank you for visiting SUCHITRRA ARTS. We hope you have enjoyed browsing our galleries.

If you are ready to make your purchase simply bring on the artwork on your screen and click on the   '+ Cart' button.

This will bring up a shopping cart. Through this you can order the artworks you liked. You can add as many artworks to the shopping cart.

The 'Order Now' button in the shopping cart will take you through the process of entering your shipping details (i.e. the address where the artwork has to be delivered). The artwork(s) and the shipping charges will be displayed on the checkout page along with the grand total, then choose your preferred payment method :

Majority of works featured on our websites have prices displayed and are available for immediate purchase online.

If you have any problem or you want to enquire then please get in touch with us at suchitrraarts@gmail.com or info@suchitrraarts.com or you can call me directly at +91 9820799061. I will be happy to answer your queries.

The below FAQ section answers some of the questions we have received from our clients.

1. Can I look at the Art Work before buying ?

Yes. But we can have the Art Work for your Viewing only in Mumbai, India. Please let us know in advance the Art Works of interest to you and we will have them arranged. Every care is take to ensure that the image of the Art Work on display is as close to the real artwork as possible.

2. Can I Reserve an Art Work I like till the time I make up my mind ?

Yes. In fact we enourage you to Reserve the Art Work of your interest with us at the earliest, because at times we have had multiple buyers wanting the same Art Work. To reserve the Art Work please email us the reference number.

3. Can I Negoitate the Price on the Art Work I wish to Buy ?

In 2004 when we started Our online gallery we were the Art Gallery which showcased the prices along with the Art Work. This was to bring transperancy into the trade. All the prices are the Artist listed prices, which they have build over the years of struggle, hard work and kind apprecation from art lovers and collectors like You. We encourage You to honour the Artist you like, for their price.

4. After I have Ordered the Art Work, How do I make the Payment and How do I get the Art Work ?

After we have received your Order, we will get in touch with you to confirm the same. For the Payment, please refer to "How to Buy Art" secton for details, or email us and we will help You out with the necessary information.

From the time the Order is received and to the time the Art Work reaches You, we will be in touch with You at every part of the process with the reguired details.

Once we have received the money from You, the Art Works will be dispatched, usually, within 2 working days. In case of delay we will let you know the delay time and the resaon for the same.

All Our shippments are done using the established and reputed courier companies. For International shippments we use the services of FED-EX mainly but also DHL & UPS. Once the Art Work is dispatched we will send you the online tracking details.

5. How soon can I get the Art Works ?

All our shippments are done using the express services.

For shippments within India - it usualy takes 1 - 3 working days.

For shippments to other countries - once the package is with the courier companies, it takes about 2 workings day to clear them through the Indian customs. Once clearered it would reach you in about 5 to 7 working days.